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Youth Photos, Youth Focus: a platform for professional, amateur, and youth photographers to showcase justice/youth-centric photography. Here at BokehFocus we love stories, and photographs tell the best stories. We want to hear from our community …from our world. BokehFocus is sister websites to and , and our reach is not just national but our viewers come visit us from around the world. BokehFocus was created to allow photographers an opportunity to display their work.

Influenced by our sister websites any photographs with respect to

  1. Youth development
  2. Juvenile justice
  3. Gang and violence prevention
  4. Adolescent health
  5. Teen pregnancy, sex, and parenting
  6. After-school programs and mentoring
  7. Job training and school-to-work
  8. Honestly, if the photographer can make a connection to the Youths then their work is what we want to see here at BokehFocus! Be Creative!

Send us your favorite pictures for a chance to be displayed.

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