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Unspoken Truths: Young People in Recovery

Text and Video by Roger Newton Youth Today spoke to six young people July 2 at the 2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous in Atlanta, asking them a series of personal questions about alcoholism and sobriety. To maintain AA’s dedication to anonymity, this video will not show faces or name names. This video was first published on Watch the “Recovery Diaries” video series by Roger Newton Watch more videos from JJIE and Youth Today   5 likes

Damon’s Fix: A Young Heroin Addict’s Journey from Injection to Incarceration

Text by Katy McCarthy | Photos by © Djamila Grossman, Standard- Examiner When photographer Djamila Grossman met Damon Conrow in 2010 he was 26-years-old and had been addicted to heroin for seven years. At that point, he told her he didn’t even get high when he shot up anymore, he just became normal. “I just get better now. I don’t get high. I feel a rush when I put it in but that’s like three seconds and it’s done, and then I’m just normal, like you are,” he told her. In a series of incredibly difficult-to-look-at photos and videos, Grossman […]

Kirk’s Journey From Malt Liquor to a Loving Place

As a tot, Kirk says, he would wander the aftermath of his mother’s liquor-drenched parties, sipping the remains of the diluted and strange-smelling drinks. By elementary school, he had developed a taste and not long after, found himself regularly fighting through hangovers. READ MORE AT JJIE.ORG > > 0 likes

Youth Justice Barbecue: Natalie “Poetic Soul” Cook

VOX Teen Communications hosted the barbecue along with a coalition of youth-focused non-profits that have concentrated on making proposed changes to Georgia’s Juvenile Code a reality. JUSTGeorgia, EmpowerMEnt, the Sapelo Foundation and VOX Teen Communications have formed a mesh of alliances to give youth a voice in matters that affect them and advocate for the first changes in the Children’s Code in more than four decades. READ THE FULL STORY AT JJIE.ORG > > 0 likes