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[Youth Report] Bokeh publishes the work of NYC teens

[two_third] What does N.Y.C. look like through the eyes of its teenage inhabitants? 17-year-old Merelyn Bucio describes it this way, “I’ve lived in NYC almost all my life. I love what this city has to offer, from the sunsets cutting between the sky scrapers to the man in his underwear on roller skates. Rarely people take the time to see it all, and I want to show them through my lens, what they might miss on any given day in this crazy city.” Merelyn is a participant in NYC Salt— a non-profit organization putting professional cameras in the hands of urban […]

[Youth Report] Donis Almanzar Wants to Remind You of the Beauty

[scrollGallery id=27] [two_third] [pullquote]Photography and Text by Donis Almanzar, as part of NYC Salt[/pullquote] Often, the negativities of life are emphasized so much more than the positives. With my photography I want to remind people of the beauty in things. “Why see the world, when you got the beach?” -Frank Ocean.   NYC Salt is a non-profit photography program for inner-city teenagers in New York City. Their mission is to engage, inspire, and empower NYC teens by providing them with professional-grade visual communication skills. The salt reference reflects their hope that the program will flavor and preserve the communities it […]

[Youth Report] How Siara Ramos sees NY

[scrollGallery id=26] [two_third] [pullquote]Photography and Text by Siara Ramos, as part of NYC Salt[/pullquote] I was born and raised in New York City, one of the greatest places on earth. I love my city because there is always something happening and there are many people from different walks of life. I like photographing people in black and white because you notice their emotions instead of what they’re wearing or the color of their hair. The focus is put on their face and body language, which holds much deeper meaning.   NYC Salt is a non-profit photography program for inner-city teenagers […]