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From Russia and Ukraine, the Police and Young They Brutalize

Text by Katy McCarthy | Photos by Donald Weber I have made the most miserable flipbook. Using the arrow keys on my computer, I am clicking through three images of a young woman being interrogated. In the first image, she holds her hands near her face protectively, but loosely. She has make-up smears under her tired eyes. Click. In the second, her brown bangs hang in her face as if something or someone had roughly tousled her hair; her arm definitively wrapped around herself. Her aggressor is visible now, a man’s mouth and nose peering into the top right corner. […]

Both Sides of the Bars: K.X, age 19, and the Superintendent [Audio Interview]

[Audio Interview] Both Sides of the Bars: K.X, age 19, and the Superintendent Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility is an all-female facility in Albany, Oregon. The following post focuses on two perspectives: K.X, a young woman in isolation at Oak Creek and Mike Riggan, the superintendent of Oak Creek.  Read the entire interview here: Juvenile-in-Justice   Photography: Richard Ross. View the entire story here.  [Back to Richard Ross: Articles on Bokeh] 0 likes