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Bokeh Focus Remodeled … Now Bolder & Modern

WELCOME TO BOKEH FOCUS! Youth Photos, Youth Focus: a platform for professional, amateur, and youth photographers to showcase photography and art about youth around the world and juvenile justice in the United States. At Bokeh Focus we love stories – and photographs tell the best stories. We want to hear from our community of photographers and artists in Atlanta and from around the world. Bokeh Focus was created to allow photographers and artists an opportunity to share their work. Our focus is influenced by our sister websites – Youth Today and Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.  We seek photographs and art that portray: […]

[Youth Report] Bokeh Publishes the Work of NYC Teens

Text by Bokeh Focus Staff | Photos NYC Salt What does N.Y.C. look like through the eyes of its teenage inhabitants? 17-year-old Merelyn Bucio describes it this way, “I’ve lived in NYC almost all my life. I love what this city has to offer, from the sunsets cutting between the skyscrapers to the man in his underwear on roller skates. Rarely people take the time to see it all, and I want to show them through my lens, what they might miss on any given day in this crazy city.” Merelyn is a participant in NYC Salt— a non-profit organization putting […]