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Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik NEW YORK– Years ago, before the pilings had gone rotten and jagged like a row of rotten teeth, the piers were still lined with abandoned houseboats. At a time when gay sex was illegal, this was a busy pick-up spot. The empty homes gave cover from the elements and a semblance of privacy. Sometimes a boat’s floor gave way, and its occupants would drown in the Hudson River. Still, for gay men and trans teens, the block at the end of the West Village was a refuge from a hostile culture. […]

One Photographer’s Long Witnessing of Stop and Frisk

[two_third] [pullquote] Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik [/pullquote] Before June 2010, when Robert Stolarik visited the Brownsville Houses for an assignment for the New York Times to cover what was being touted as a new anti-crime policy implemented by the NYPD, he had never heard of Stop and Frisk. At first, Stolarik was skeptical of what residents were saying about the controversial policy. Mothers pushing strollers in courtyards stopped by police officers for no apparent reason. Teens walking to a friend’s house along the path from one building to another stopped and searched and summonsed. Middle […]

Perps or Pupils? Safety Policy Creates Prison-like New York City Schools

[scrollGallery id=31 template=caption] [two_third] [pullquote]Text by Daryl Khan, Photographs by Robert Stolarik[/pullquote]When Minerva Dickson (pictured in yellow skirt) first saw her high school she thought it looked like a prison. After her first week she realized how right her initial impressions were. Every day when she arrived at the Thomas Jefferson Campus in Brownsville, Brooklyn, she waited in a line that snaked out onto Pennsylvania Avenue. She would shuffle up two steps passing beneath words from Abraham Lincoln inscribed on the neo-classical pediment: “Let Reverence for the Laws Become the Political Religion of the Nation.” Next, she reached into her […]

Public Kid vs. Private Kid

[scrollGallery id=25] [two_third] [pullquote]Reporting by Daryl Khan Photos by Robert Stolarik[/pullquote]In Ramapo, New York, a town divided by race, religion, and culture, a demographic split has allowed public money to pour into private religious schools, resulting in huge cuts to the already decimated public school system. Community leaders fear that the cuts, which will essentially eliminate all non state-mandated programs like music, sports and art, will create a school-to-prison pipeline. To understand how the members of a religious sect took control of the school board and thus the district, the only majority black and Latino school district in all of […]