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Broken Promises, Broken Lives

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik   The mostly black electorate of Baltimore elected a white candidate to be the next mayor in 1999. My editor at The Boston Globe asked me to go find out why. I was walking the derelict blocks of the city when I came upon the answer: a picture fastened to a splintering telephone pole that residents had turned into a makeshift memorial. The picture was of Angus Breen, a grinning teenager, much younger looking than his 14 years, who had been savagely murdered — stabbed to death during a robbery over […]

A Tale of Two Cities

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik “Government must focus on the needs of families, must be the protector of neighborhoods and must guard the people from the enormous power of monied interests. Now my friends, it can be done, but not by elected leaders alone. It requires average New Yorkers who simply refuse to allow their community’s voices to be stifled. It’s their spirit that I intend to sweep into City Hall. A spirit that shouts that all boroughs were created equal and that all our residents matter! So, let’s be honest about where we are today. […]

A Funeral in Ferguson

Text by James Pound / Photos by Robert Stolarik A calm returns to Ferguson as the city quietly seeks answers and mourns the loss of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen that was shot and killed by police August 9, 2014.   See more work by Robert Stolarik HERE Read more reporting on Ferguson at HERE   0 likes

Photos: West Harlem Gang Raid

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik NEW YORK — Whenever LaQuint Singleton found himself about to get into a fight out in the courtyards or in the small playground in front of his building at the General Ulysses S. Grant Houses, he would run and find his mom, Venus. He’d scamper up the stairs and go up to her looking for protection. Back then, Singleton was a good student who regularly attended school and attended church service every Sunday. One day, in an attempt to impress the older teenagers and men, he carried a gun to give […]

In Photos: Police Brutality in the Bronx

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik UPDATE: ‘Prominent Lawyer Takes Case of Bronx Boy Allegedly Pushed Through Window by Police’ NEW YORK — The 14-year-old boy sat on the stoop of Hookah Stop in the Bronx, blood pouring from his chest and filling his lungs, and thought: This is what it’s like to die. Moments before 11 o’clock Saturday night, the boy, Javier Payne, had been smashed through the store’s plate glass window by a police officer who had stopped him after an altercation with a man on the street, witnesses said. The boy was bleeding critically […]

The Anonymous People

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — On a recent grey Saturday morning, a quiet fell over the sparse audience seated in a vocational school assembly hall as Kimberly Beauregard stepped up to the stage. She was introducing the movie to a small audience of three dozen, who had endured a brutally cold morning and a wicked ice storm to come to see.   After a few words greeting the crowd and thanking them for their intrepid spirit braving the treacherous conditions to make it to the screening, she praised the movie they were […]

The Kids for Cash Scandal

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — After a few beers one evening in the mid 1960s, Mark Ciavarella, in high school at the time and applying the kind of inexplicable logic that experts say is typical of many teens whose brains have not fully developed, conspired to steal a car and go for a joyride with his cousin and a friend. A detective noticed the teenagers suspiciously lingering around the car and pulled over. Ciavarella’s friend and his cousin darted away, but Ciavarella was not so lucky. The detective nabbed him and threw him […]

Hurting in Harlem

The killing of 18-year-old Tayshana Murphy on an early morning in 2011 has led to a series of retaliatory beatings, stabbings and shootings between the Manhattanville and Grant Houses in Harlem. This historical beef has turned into internecine warfare between the two sides, creating one of the bloodiest and most violent feuds in the city.  Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik Update June 4, 2014: Dozens Arrested in Gang Raid at Harlem Housing Projects NEW YORK — The father of the dead girl takes a look at the brown painted door and shakes his head with contempt. He’s […]

Sandy Hook One Year on

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik NEWTOWN, Conn. — Sandy Hook Elementary School has been razed. The process of destroying the school — where last year Adam Lanza, a socially awkward 20-year old, massacred 20 first-grade students and six teachers and staff in a matter of minutes — began earlier in the year and is now nearly complete. It was a secretive project. Construction workers who participated in the demolition of the site were forced by town officials to sign nondisclosure agreements promising not to speak about their work or to take pictures or video recordings. They […]

In and Out of the Boxing Ring, Two Men Confront Very Different Demons

Text by Daryl Khan / Photos by Robert Stolarik On a bitter cold winter January morning in 2008, Adam Friedman and Alvin Valentine, friends and co-workers, climbed into a Brooklyn boxing ring and proceeded to go after each other for three hard-hitting rounds. There was nothing particularly artful about what transpired in those grunting six minutes. Some solid blows were landed, there were no knock outs, and, thankfully, no blood. It was one fight of probably dozens that transpired that day. But for both men, the boxing match represented something very different. For Alvin, a Blood gang leader and longtime […]